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Joshua C Carroll
Joshua C. Carroll

reads & writes stories

but he’s also a husband, a dad of two daughters, a Gryffindor, and a musician. He lives in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, and he pays the bills by building websites and apps with some of his best friends. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads at JoshTellsAStory.

The Telltales Podcast

The Telltales Podcast features short fiction from each of the members of The Telltales writing club. Season one was called Oddities, Vol. 1, and several of Joshua C. Carroll’s stories were featured. Find more details TelltalesWriting.com, or get the eBook here.

The Sentinels of God Series

The Sentinels of God is an upcoming series of middle-grade novels from Joshua C. Carroll. The stories feature adventure, science fiction, and fantasy elements in a real-world setting. Joshua is pursuing publication options for the first book in the series, The Adventures of Sarah Ann Lewis and the Memory Thieves. A sequel is in progress.