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The Patriot 2000

Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin is forced to lead a colonial militia during the American Revolution, when a sadistic British officer kills his son.
Roland Emmerich Author:
Robert Rodat Stars:
Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joeli Richardson | In colonial South Carolina in 1776, Benjamin Martin, a Franco-Indian war hero persecuted by his past, now wants nothing more than to live peacefully on his small plantation and does not want to take part in the war with the most powerful nation in the world, Great Britain. Meanwhile, his two eldest sons, Gabriel and Thomas, can’t wait to enroll in the newly formed “continental army”. When South Carolina decided to join the rebellion against England, Gabriel immediately signed his father’s permission. But when Colonel William Tavington, a British dragon known for his cruel tactics, came and set fire to Martin’s plantation on the ground, tragedy struck. Benjamin quickly finds himself between protecting his family and revenge, along with the birth of a new, young and ambitious nation.

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